Coyote Outdoor Living Launches Preassembled “Grill in a Box”

Coyote Outdoor CCX2 "Grill in a Box"

Coyote Outdoor Living, a Dallas-based innovator of high-quality stainless steel grills and accessories, has announced new 2014 products, including a preassembled grill in “Grill in a Box,” a refreshment center, a power burner and an assortment of stainless steel combination doors/drawers. The company’s new products address the needs of a variety of consumers, including products that are ideal for smaller spaces. 

Coyote’s New Products for 2014

Now through Coyote’s large network of distributors:

  1. Coyote Two Burner Grill and Grill in a Box – Featuring interior hood lights and improved heat control grids, this 304-grade stainless steel grill is available as a preassembled Grill in a Box or as a grill head.
  2. Coyote Power Burner – Ideal for a turkey fry or lobster pot, the Coyote Power Burner features an inner and outer ring burner and burns up to 60,000 BTUs. Its accessories include a Wok and Teppanyaki attachments.
  3. Coyote Refreshment Center – Equipped with a built in sink/faucet and a sturdy, self-insulated drop-in cooler, this 30″ refreshment center makes total food preparation and chilling beverages a breeze. It also features a bottle holder, bottle opener, towel rack and a four-bin condiment removable insert.
  4. Combination doors and drawers – Coyote will has debuted a variety of Coyote accessories with combination drawers and doors, including a combination:
  • Pull out drawer with double access doors
  • Two drawer cabinet with double access doors
  • Warming drawer, single storage drawer and a pull out drawer/trash or tank

About Coyote Outdoor Living, Inc.: Founded in Dallas, TX, Coyote Outdoor Living is an innovative company that specializes in the design, development and production of high-quality, all-stainless steel grills and accessories, providing people with the tools to build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. Coyote’s advanced suite of products offer an affordable luxury culinary experience for those who are passionate about cooking outside. Coyote manufactures a broad range of grills, storage solutions, secondary cooking options, refrigeration, and more. Their products can be purchased throughout North and South America and the Caribbean and are available through a large network of distributors. Coyote Outdoor Living was conceived to bring to market a suite of products that allow consumers to create the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.

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