Creative Counters

An industry leader in everything from cabinetry and tiles to appliances and faucets, Bradco Kitchens & Baths has unveiled an innovative, multipurpose countertop called Slide N Hide. When closed, the 9-foot-long countertop appears to be a standard kitchen island. However, when opened with a remote control, the top of the island slides to reveal a flat, electric stovetop underneath. The extended section also adds an extra 4 feet of counter space, creating a contemporary breakfast bar. The $29,000 countertop is completely customizable, from the brand of the stovetop to the materials of the counters, which could include stainless steel, any type of stone, butcher block, or granite. The price includes installation but not the cost of appliances. (323.936.3457, www.bradcokitchen.com)

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