CreativeMary Introduces Two New Tripod Lamps

Tripod lamps, de rigueur in many fashionable home and decor stores, make their appearance in the NatureMary collection of Portugese lighting design company CreativeMary, with the release of the new Marigold and Gold Scales. Marigold Floor and Gold Scales, two new tripod floor lamps, are also marking the inauguration of the company’s floor lamps category.

Gold Scales

Gold Scales, CreativeMary’s first contribution to the tripod lamp trend, is a modern and sophisticated lamp with a meticulous attention to detail and a winning addition to any space rich in metallic and wooden details. Inspired by the stories of sirens and mermaids, sea dwelling women-animal hybrids, which tell tales of their powers of seduction, CreativeMary created a mermaid of their own. The design features elegant gold-plated brass legs and embedded gold-plated brass detailing in the caviuna wood top.

Marigold Floor

Marigold Floor, an adaptation of the original table lamp of the same name, is a modern floor lamp made in chromed steel and lacquered aluminum. With an elegant and yet bold design, Marigold Floor subtly brings out the progressive side of any home or space. The singular form was purposely borrowed from nature, specifically the exquisitely detailed marigold plant. 

Both Marigold and Gold Scales lamps are produced by artisans with decades of experience in handcrafting lamps with metals and glass – materials from the finest sources. 

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