Design Seen: Acne * Sandro * IRO

Southern California is seeing an influx of new boutiques from style-setting international fashion brands. In December, the Swedish brand Acne opened a 5,000-square-foot emporium—its largest store in the world—in downtown Los Angeles. The space includes a coffee bar from Stockholm’s ilcaffè, art installations, and clothing and accessories set against a backdrop of perforated aluminum walls, pink terrazzo floors, and blue carpet. In Beverly Hills, the French brands Sandro and IRO have taken neighboring spots on North Beverly Drive. The Sandro store’s interior features the Scandinavian design of Bozarthfornell, with terrazzo floors and ceilings with geometric paving stones. IRO’s first West Coast store was fashioned by the brand’s sibling owners and designers, Arik and Laurent Bitton. Acne, 213.243.0960, acnestudios.com; Sandro, 310.281.0083, www.us.sandro-paris.com; IRO, www.iro.fr


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