Designing Hides

Kyle Bunting has been carrying on a love affair with animal hide for nearly a decade. It is the sole material he works with to create his rugs and wall coverings. And how appropriate, considering he’s in the great ranching-lassoing-cattle rustling state of Texas. But his rugs are not the usual cowhide you remember from interiors of Bonanza, and he doesn’t just put them on the floor or wall. Bunting, and occasional collaborative designers like David Rockwell, uses the material like mosaic, piecing it together (often dyeing it too) to create patterns that run the gamut from rustic to retro, classic to contemporary, and zippy to Zen. New designs—Reflect, Rift, Soothe, Ripcord, Kashmir, and Rewind—provide ample evidence of the material’s infinite adaptability. The company’s portfolio of styles is simply a launch pad. Any design can be customized for color, size, and pattern, and they’re happy to create completely new designs from scratch. (512.264.1148, www.kylebunting.com)

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