A Stylish Dining Table for the More-the-Merrier Type

German brand Draenert wants you to be able to add unexpected guests to your holiday table with ease.

Draenert table Photo: Courtesy Draenert

The holidays arrive suddenly, leaving you forced to power through awkward conversations with dull people over drawn out meals—but at least the house is in order. During this season of gathering, the dining area plays a prominent role, and the Adler (1224) dining table from German maker Draenert is the perfect chic design salvo for an ever-changing seating chart.

Pairing natural stone with a stainless-steel base, the piece has the covert sophistication of a Swiss army knife. A lifting mechanism allows the integrated center-leaf to rise once the other two halves of the table have been separated. Not only is this feat of engineering accomplished with a stone surface (wood is the typical material of choice), it also allows for the seamless adding and subtracting, welcoming and suffering, of more guests.


Draenert table

Over 50 years of German engineering by Draenert allows for seamless opening and closing.  Photo: Courtesy Draenert

Available at DDC, New York’s hip contemporary design sanctuary, Adler is offered in 180 stone varieties and with various tabletop shapes—rectangular, organic, boat-shaped, or oval—along with four distinct bases (Version see here: $18,305). The cross-legged version shown gives the elegant, slightly trippy sense that the table is floating on air. Or maybe that’s the sensation of dinner almost being over.

Draenert table

A range of tabletop shapes are also available.  Photo: Courtesy Draenert

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