Dream Big on Robert Couturier’s $45,000 Bed for Savoir

The 110-year-old manufacturer Savoir Beds was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe and Sir Winston Churchill…

The renowned French architect and interior designer Robert Couturier has collaborated with the 110-year-old British manufacturer Savoir Beds to design a fresh sleigh bed inspired by art deco furnishings from the 1920s. Couturier reportedly struggled with sleep until discovering Savoir’s handmade beds, which have cradled the dreams of Sir Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, and Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. Couturier equipped the king-size bed with Savoir’s signature No2 bed set—which includes a natural wool-and-horse-tail, REM-promoting mattress and a topper—and outfitted the design in luxe selections from the Milanese textile company Dedar. Priced at $45,262, the bed features a gondola-shaped frame dressed in Dedar’s Amoire Libre gray cotton-and-viscose fabric and a tall, tufted headboard upholstered in Dedar’s bold Alexander blue woolen velvet—the same material used for the project’s matching dog bed ($3,850). Each Robert Couturier bed is made to order, handcrafted by artisans in the London workshop, and delivered within six months. (savoirbeds.com)

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