From Driftwood to Decor

Marsia Holzer spent two decades designing costumes for high-profile rock stars on tour, including the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Elvis Presley, as well as for Broadway shows such as Hair, before finding her true passion in life?salvaging felled trees to create organic furniture and lighting for her own company, Marsia Holzer Studio. One might find the change in careers mystifying, but Holzer’s one-of-a-kind designs still require imagination and customization, this time between Holzer and the client requesting the piece.

Holzer uses recovered exotic wood that has fallen in storms to create slabs for tables, which she affixes to handcrafted bronze, steel, or glass bases. The wood retains the natural shape of the tree, often with blond sapwood running down the thick sides, creating the illusion of a live tree poking up through the floor. Kayaking near her home in the Hamptons, she scours beaches for driftwood that will later be cast in metals at a foundry in Scotland. These casts serve as the bases for table and floor lamps, complete with drum shades of parchment or fine Irish linen. Holzer works with clients from selecting the slab of wood to choosing a base and finish. The mesh chandelier with metal tree branches (shown) is $4,200. Pieces in her collection range from $6,000 to $28,000. (www.marsiaholzer.com)

—Alexandra Foster

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