A Bathroom Vanity Where You Can Feel More Attractive

British luxury brand Drummonds introduces a classic and practical Art Deco design.

Drummonds marble bath vanity Courtesy Drummonds

The all-white bathroom has been around forever. It’s a timeless look that asks nothing of you and gives little design excitement in return. A sophisticated, well-decorated bathroom has no rival.  You have experienced this first-hand every time you’ve stayed at a fashionable hotel with cool fixtures, a smart color palette, and vintage details that take the entire bathing and grooming experience to the next level. This is important, as bathrooms (and bedrooms) are the only areas in the house where a terrible design can torpedo your self-esteem.

British company Drummonds has introduced Thames, a new vanity collection with a classic, throwback style that rises to the occasion. An adaptation of the brand’s Hebdern design, Thames features a newly created shelf for storing towels or toiletries. While the merits of an organized space cannot be overstated, the Thames makes more of a form over function statement. The strong Art Deco influence is articulated in crafted solid brass legs and marble paneling, which has been hand cut and finished.

Drummonds marble vanity

The Thames vanity by Drummonds features three hand-cut marble options, like Black Marquina.  Courtesy Drummonds

Drummond Shaw founded the company in 1988. His passion for architectural antiques informs many of the collections, made in England and ranging from traditional to contemporary. The brand is known for its foundry-made pieces, which boast both enameling and hand-finishing. Indeed, Drummonds tubs are made from solid cast iron using a sandcasting technique that dates back to the Victorian era. The company also makes vanities, showers, brass fixtures, and accessories.

The Thames vanity gets the full treatment. It has a hand-poured china clay basin. The faucets are cast in the lost wax process, and there are three marble options—White Arabescato, Atlantic Grey and Black Marquina—as well as several finishes, from unlacquered brass to polished chrome, polished nickel, antique nickel, brass or bronze.

Drummonds marble bath vanity

The new Thames vanity from Drummonds.  Courtesy Drummonds

If an Art Deco-style vanity isn’t your first option, consider one of cinema’s greatest truths: No leading man of substance shaves in a gleaming, fluorescent white cube unless he’s in space.</span>




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