Eco-Friendly Rustic Furniture

Furniture craftsman Robin Wade believes in leaving well enough alone. He runs a “slow studio” in Florence, Ala., by which he means that each bench, chair, and table—whether console, coffee, dining, or conference—takes years to take form. Wade first salvages felled trees (mostly walnut) from a surrounding 60-mile radius, then seasons and kiln-dries their wood for two to three years before even starting to make a piece of furniture. Believing that the best kind of beauty is natural, he makes sure they are minimally carved and jointed. When completed, they are simply oiled, and no stain is used. Each piece is unique and made to order; there is no stock. Prices vary widely depending on the kind of wood, size, and complexity of construction, but they average between $10,000 and $50,000. (256.766.0049, www.robinwadefurniture.com)

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