An Environmentalist’s Dream Kitchen is Open to the Public in New York City

A Boffi-outfitted teaching kitchen at the new Project Farmhouse is serving up stylish sustainability to the community…

New York City is welcoming Earth Day this year in a quintessentially stylish manner: with the debut of the city’s first-ever center for sustainability and education, featuring the Boffi Soho Teaching Kitchen. The development, dubbed Project Farmhouse, is the brainchild of GrowNYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping New Yorkers lead environmentally conscious lives since its inception 45 years ago, be it with the Union Square Greenmarket or school and community gardens.

At the center of the new 3,500-square-foot interactive space is a cutting-edge hydroponic (or soilless) wall garden, equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, and a customized Xila modular kitchen system from Boffi Soho, the East Coast outpost of the celebrated Italian house of high-end interiors. The sophisticated kitchen model, originally conceived by architect Luigi Massoni in 1972, features the system’s iconic minimalist design, sleek lines, and handle- and knob-free construction that once revolutionized the design world. The Farmhouse’s custom-built edition boasts a countertop and backsplash by Nero Sicilia and state-of-the-art Gaggenau appliances, creating the perfect space for cooking demos, workshops, and exclusive chef-led programs. The Farmhouse will kick off the productivity with an open house event on Saturday, April 29, during which the Boffi Soho Teaching Kitchen will be broken in with a demonstration by chef Eric Morales of Gaggenau, along with a chef from the acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant Olmsted. (projectfarmhouse.org; boffi-soho.com)

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