EVERHOT Launch a NEW Dove Grey Cooker

With grey becoming the colour which everyone is clamouring for, Everhot have created a NEW Dove Grey Range Cooker – the perfect shade for a contemporary and stylish kitchen. The colour effortlessly adds to a kitchen’s karma whether you dress it up with bright accessories or quietly complement it with pastels and other neutrals.

Everhot’s handbuilt cookers are the most energy efficient heat storage ranges on the market.  Using less than half the energy of an equivalent comparable range cooker, Everhot cookers gently warm a kitchen using electricity, making them quick to switch on or off, easy to install, well suited to running off solar or other forms of renewable energy and, above all, great for cooking.

The option of having an induction hob alongside a traditional hot plate, as well as a grill, has made Everhot cookers popular with everyone from professional cooks to busy parents. Whether you want to bake bread, grill vegetables, slow-roast a leg of lamb or just get some pasta on the table as quickly as possible, there is nothing which an Everhot can’t do. With a wide choice of sizes and models there’s an Everhot to suit everyone and every kitchen.  Lower energy bills and the absence of any servicing costs only add to its appeal.     

Built to last a lifetime, an Everhot can easily be taken with you when you move home – forever enhancing its place at the heart of family life.

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