The Finishing Touch

Known for bespoke furniture and home accessories that are as innovative as they are functional, Linley is staying true to its philosophy with the release of the limited-edition Grace cabinet (priced from about $170,000), which will debut at this year’s Masterpiece art, antiques, and design fair in London, taking place June 26 through July 2.

The one-off piece stands more than 5 feet tall and has a gold-plated frame. The handcrafted cabinet’s gray eucalyptus veneer and curvaceous shape evoke the facets and patterns of diamonds and other precious gems that gave inspiration to the piece. The interior houses designer David Linley’s characteristic secret drawers, as well as a removable jewelry box and compartments intended for storing cosmetics, hair accessories, and perfume. The cabinet’s large mirror is accompanied by a built-in lighting system specifically designed to produce the ideal setting for its owner to apply the finishing grooming touches before heading out for the evening, and the piece features an integrated stool topped with gray quilted leather.

The London-based brand will launch the one-of-a-kind Grace cabinet alongside a Linley lounge chair, crafted from a single copper panel and lined with gray nubuck leather, and a five-panel screen with a woven marquetry design. Pricing for the chair and screen will be released at the fair. (www.davidlinley.com)

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