Front Runners July 2015: Mighty Mini

La Marzocco added the elite Linea Mini to its lineup of professional-grade espresso machines for the home...

La Marzocco hopped over the espresso bar last year when it introduced the GS/3, the first home version of its professional-grade espresso machines. Now it has added a slightly smaller model to the lineup, the Linea Mini ($4,495, lamarzoccohome.com). This design, too, is equipped with the technology that makes La Marzocco the elite machine among discerning baristas, including dual boilers that allow pulling a shot without sacrificing steam pressure and precise PID temperature control. The Linea Mini, which saves 2 inches of counter space by eliminating the GS/3’s digital features, is simple to use yet relies on the finesse of the person pulling the shots. To ensure success, La Marzocco can arrange for a professional to calibrate the setup at home and give a tutorial on proper tamping, timing, and other techniques. This session may be likened to the performance training a new owner receives before getting behind the wheel of an Italian supercar. 

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