FrontRunners: Hi-Fi and Hideaways

Adele Cygelman, Robb Report’s home and design editor and editor of The Robb Report Collection, along with photographer Erica Lennard, reveals some of Los Angeles’ most intimate green spaces in Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases in Los Angeles (Universe Books, an imprint of Rizzoli New York, 2003), a hardcover book published in September. More than 200 photographs capture a variety of outdoor retreats, ranging from cactus and tropical gardens to Japanese water and English flower gardens.


On a completely different note, Robb Report writer Ken Kessler has written and edited Quad: The Closest Approach (International Audio Group Ltd., 2003), a coffee table book celebrating one of Britain’s most renowned audio brands. The company that eventually became Quad (Quality Unit Amplified Domestic) was founded in 1936, but the tome marks the anniversary of another event. In 1953, Quad changed its focus from producing public address equipment to making domestic hi-fi, including the first full-range electrostatic loudspeaker.

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