FrontRunners: Hide in Chic

Texas cattle ranchers and aficionados of Dutch abstract art now have a common point of reference: the Four Seasons Collection (www.kylebunting.com) of cowhide rugs from the Kyle Bunting company of Austin, Texas. The parallel and perpendicular patterns that characterize the works of Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian influenced American architect David Rockwell when he designed the rugs, as did the various colors of the seasons. You can custom-order the color combinations, as well as the sizes and shapes of the rugs (which are priced at $108 per square foot). “We don’t want to restrict the client in any way,” explains the rug company’s owner and namesake, Kyle Bunting. “We have over 60 different natural and saturated colors to choose from, allowing the buyers to go as crazy as they want to.”

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