FrontRunners: Stylish Storage

The Italians constantly offer reminders about why they are known for their style; they see possibilities for beauty in places and items that others overlook. Vismara Design (www.vismara.it), a design firm located outside of Milan, turned its attention to CD and DVD storage and elevated it to an art form. The company employed a combination of wood, metal, and plastic, in colors ranging from fluorescent orange and lime to subdued earth tones, to create a line that addresses every audio/video storage need with a sense of flair. The Empire, a 6-foot-tall model of the Empire State Building that holds 122 CDs, and the Chica, a wood cabinet that holds 100 CDs and rests atop three metal legs, are anything but typical hi-fi design. The same can be said for the Ciaika, a coffee table that stores as many as 800 CDs and 378 DVDs. It also includes space for wine bottles and glassware—another example of Italian ingenuity.

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