Furniture with Flair

Serge de Troyer, a Belgian designer based in Miami, has made a name for himself and his eponymous company with furniture handcrafted of fine leathers, parchment, Lucite, shagreen, bone, horn and other luxury materials. His latest introductions are the steamer trunk–like M-14 bar and the L-8 dining table. Each labor-intensive piece is made from thousands of tiny hand-set and inlaid bone tiles that are then polished and sealed. The table is tiled right down the legs, which are then finished with horn end caps. The interior of the bar boasts embossed Italian leather, mirrored double doors, padded leather drawers, a sliding glass shelf, and slots for glassware and spirits. The exterior is decorated with leather straps, chrome studs, and wheels so you can roll it anywhere a party is called for. The M-14 costs $18,500, and the L-8is $14,625. (786.364.3588, www.sergedetroyer.com)

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