5 High-Design Home Furnishings Crafted From Marble, Stalactites and Other Stones

When furniture is sourced from nature, every piece is inherently unique.

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Furniture designers are experimenting with different materials and techniques now more than ever. You can chalk some of that up to sustainability concerns—most major interiors brands have been scrambling to offer chairs, sofas and tables that incorporate recycled textiles or castoff wood slices. In other cases, it has more to do with technological advances. 3D-printed furniture has become more and more widespread in recent years as the ability to create larger and larger objects with the still-developing device grows.

Even with all this innovation, marble and other valuable stones remain sought-after furniture elements, and add a sense of gravitas to the room. Given the weight and rarity of some of these rocks, they’re often very tricky for designers to work with, so it’s all the more impressive when a master artisan can render an exquisite-yet-heavy raw material into a seemingly weightless chair. Here, a few of our favorite furnishings that incorporate these stones.

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