9 Plush Dog Beds That Your Prized Pup Will Love

We've got you covered, from Dachshunds to St. Bernards.

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We could all use a bit more sleep. Man’s best friend is no exception. Whether you’ve got a young, energetic pup that can play fetch for hours without tiring or an older, wiser pooch that just wants to lounge around and longingly watch you eat steak, a good dog bed is a must. Some older dogs may develop health conditions like arthritis, and a good, supportive bed will help relieve pain associated with those ailments. Naturally, the type of bed you pick depends a lot on the individual dog. Some models are bigger, others are smaller—you’d be hard-pressed to fit a Great Dane in a bed meant for a Chihuahua. Here, nine beds to suit whatever breed that you’ve got at home.

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