9 Stylish Fireplace Accessories to Get a Roaring Blaze Going This Winter

From matches to roasting sticks.

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Unless you’re in the Caribbean or Ibiza, chances are it’s pretty cold where you are this time of year. Most of us will spend more time indoors as a result, bundling up in sweaters, slippers, soft throws and whatever else. The upshot of all this—besides an excuse to drink mulled wine and hot toddies—is a roaring fire. Not only is a fireplace ideal for gathering around and keeping warm, it can also adds vintage charm—or a chic modern vibe, depending—to a living room or parlor. Of course, you’ll need accessories on hand to stoke the flames and make your hearth look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Some of these things are obvious, like andirons or a log holder, others are a bit more obscure but no less important—like a stick for roasting marshmallows. Here, nine tools of the trade that anyone with a functional fireplace should have on hand during the winter months.


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