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10 Luxe Sets of Flatware That Will Add Style to Your Holiday Dinners

Design-forward utensils for your tabletop.

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For many, flatware isn’t the most exciting home accessory category out there. Yet most of us agonize over which set to purchase. Forks, knives, spoons, etcetera may be all-important for stabbing a piece of salmon or carving a chunk of steak, but beyond that, why overthink? We’re going to argue that there’s more to it than mere utility, actually, because good-looking flatware can elevate even a simple meal into an occasion of gastronomic pleasure.

Aesthetic harmony on the tabletop is just as important as anywhere else in the home, and the feel—weight and heft—is just as important as the look. Suffice to say that a great flatware set may seem like a small thing, but once you’ve found the right one, having guests over and hosting dinner parties will feel infinitely better. It’s really all a matter of preference though, as personal style and diet may impact your flatware priorities more than anything else. Here, 10 of our favorites to choose from.

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