11 Luxurious Throw Pillows and Blankets for Cozying Up on the Couch This Winter

The best from Frette, Society Limonta and more.

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In the words of a once-great HBO series, winter is coming. There’s plenty you can do to prepare for the chill, buying up a couple of puffer jackets and warm boots is our recommendation in the style department, at least, and picking out a few new pillows and blankets is worthwhile when it comes to your home. That may sound pretty obvious, but there’s an art to decorative bedding. Finding something that’s both cozy, functional and works with what you’ve already got going in a room is no small thing—which is why we’ve done some of the legwork and picked a few for you to choose from. Here, 11 that will keep you warm—and your couch—stylish all season long.

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