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From Arched Armchairs to Circular Mirrors: 5 New Home Furnishings That Are Ahead of the Curve

From subtle swoops to full-on rainbow shapes, high-concept home furnishings are bending this way and that.

Bohinc Studio Kissing Armchair Courtesy of Bohinc Studio

The design world is over angularity. Instead, creatives are basking in Art Deco elegance and reveling in postmodern playfulness. As such, the arc has become a prominent silhouette. Designers are experimenting with softer geometries; lines aren’t exactly organic, but neither are they rigid. Pieces, no matter how decadent, feel approachable. Given that some of these new introductions were conceived in the COVID era, longing for levity is hardly surprising. Our examples lean into lightheartedness and evoke emotion.

Lara Bohinc references kisses and confections in describing her “Afternoon Tea” collection, noting that she aimed for pieces that make you feel loved. Her smile-shaped armchair certainly does. Alnoor has long developed work that encourages desire, connection, and ultimately, attachment. Indeed, it’s impossible to get around that with a mirror. Ara Thorose, meanwhile, cites optimism and transformation in interviews, while Arthur Vallin strives for pieces that convey balance and permanence. His rare marble practically caresses the eye.

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