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A new collection from Vibrational Furniture will launch on 1stdibs on February 18...

A new collection from Vibrational Furniture will launch on 1stdibs on February 18, offering artist Danna Weiss’s signature wood-cum-gemstone designs for the first time through the online art and furniture dealer. Priced from about $6,000 to $24,000, the new line is slated to include at least eight functional one-off pieces, including coffee tables, side tables, and shelves, all handcrafted by Weiss at her appointment-only showroom, currently located in Venice, Calif. The one-of-a-kind pieces unite such wood varieties as English elm, claro walnut, big-leaf maple, and cottonwood with a wide array of crystals and gemstones, from rubies and tourmalines to rutilated quartz and garnets, all merged together with a nonhazardous resin and elevated by brass, stainless-steel, or copper-plate bases. Commissioned pieces tailored to clients’ spaces and needs take between two weeks to four months to complete and will also be available through 1stdibs.

The designs are each driven by the stones’ energies and symbolic aspects, in a creative process that comes naturally to Weiss, who began her company in 2013 rather unexpectedly. Following a successful career in the fashion industry working for such prominent names as Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and Donna Karan, Weiss founded her own jewelry brand, creating gemstone- and crystal-heavy pieces that allowed her to work closely with the materials. But after a client desperately wanted to acquire a coffee table Weiss had crafted for herself, the jewelry designer found her next calling. “When I made myself something to replace the original, people kept trying to buy my coffee table,” she remembers. Surprisingly, the shift between industries was seamless. “Whether you’re making jewelry or whether you’re making furniture, design really crosses the borders into everything.” Weiss admits that although it was unanticipated, starting Vibrational Furniture was the road she was meant to take. “It was an unconscious decision. It was just self-expression.” (vibrationalfurniture.com)

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