Gretchen Bellinger Introduces Bloom Town Collection

Add a powerful punch to your design concepts. Make a year round color statement this spring. -Gretchen Bellinger 

Gretchen Bellinger’s Bloom Town™ is a boldly adaptable floral jacquard fabric. The updated, Arts-and-Craft-inspired design is a masterstroke of reinvention, as striking for its understatement as it is for its quality, fiber-dyed construction. The polyacrylic weave is not only fade-resistant, but offers the tensile strength and durability needed for contract and hospitality installations.

In scale and spirit, Bloom Town makes a statement that is both fresh and wholly recognizable. The period aesthetic has been deftly pared back and modernized. The voluminous, four-inch peony blossoms evoke a sense of timelessness and romance, while the five-color palette speaks clearly of the “here and now.”

Key to Bloom Town’s success is its harmonious, two-tone coloration. Each of the introductory hues is offset by a medium grey-taupe background, making it one of the most effortlessly coordinated fabrics in the BellingerTM collection. Whether for upholstery, covered panels, pillows, or cushions, Bloom Town provides just the right touch of sophistication and whimsy.

The colors were each named after elements of the “boomtown” in which prospectors were lured into uncharted territories in search of untold wealth. It’s this pioneering spirit that Bloom Town embraces, wherein fortunes often arise from but a single seed of inspiration.

By definition, a “jacquard loom” is a system of weaving in which anywhere from 200 to 1,200 ends can be independently woven to produce intricate designs of considerable size.

For more information contact Susan Becher & Associates; ameacham@susanbecherpr.com

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