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For more than half a century, Bisazza has treated walls and floors as blank canvases, using its colorful mosaic tiles to transform everyday spaces into opulent and avant-garde exhibits. The Italian company has broadened the application of mosaics beyond the kitchen and bath, breathing new life into virtually every part of the home with combinations of texture, light, and dimension that are simply not possible with wallpaper or paint. However, whether for walls or furnishings—or even a car—the firm’s innovations have always remained within the confines of what can be made with tile. That changed early this year with the introduction of two Bisazza collections for the bath.

Bisazza’s first foray outside of mosaics, Bisazza Bagno is a new design-minded bath division that aims to turn the often sterile, stark environment into a glamorous room. “Developing bathroom collections was in many ways a natural extension for us, because over the years we have become more about design and less about just tiles,” says Rossella Bisazza, the firm’s communications director and the daughter of company founder Renato Bisazza. “With Bisazza Bagno, we wanted to create something elegant—not clinical—that makes you want to open the door to your bathroom.”

The venture launched in May with the Hayon Collection (priced from $150 to $9,568) by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, an of-the-moment artist known for his irreverent and witty approach to conventional pieces. The line features Italian marble countertops and shiny gold-and-chrome ceramic basins that combine Art Deco flash with the clean lines of Scandinavian design. Bases are either ceramic with a slight curve or industrial aluminum finished in polished copper or chrome. The collection, which follows a simple but striking black-and-white color scheme, offers an assortment of pieces to choose from—including shower screens, a two-person soaking tub, hand mirrors, and Bisazza-designed fixtures—making it easy to create a range of configurations.

Debuted in September at the Cersaie trade show in Bologna, Italy, the second line from Bisazza Bagno will be available in the United States in the spring (pricing has yet to be announced). The Wanders Collection by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders—whose vanguard style places him in line to be the next Philippe Starck—shares the same black-and-white color scheme as the Hayon Collection, but is more heavily embellished than its predecessor, with Baroque-style lacquered wood consoles and bold fiberglass washbasins and bathtubs resembling giant bars of soap. Classic flower-shaped taps in bright lobster orange add touches of color. Subtler are the simple chests of drawers and minimalist floor mirrors, which ground the collection’s over-the-top style for a more livable appeal.

Conspicuously missing from both collections is Bisazza’s mosaics, something Rossella says was a conscious omission. “Jaime’s and Marcel’s bathrooms are so strong and precise that we wanted to keep them pure,” she explains. “Ultimately, it’s the customer’s choice whether or not to add tile, but in the end, our bathroom collections are really perfect with no mosaic at all.”


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