Houses of Style

Known for its seating, case goods, lighting, outdoor furniture, and other home furnishings that put a modern twist on traditional Italian designs, Fendi Casa is thinking outside the showroom by furnishing model or for-sale units at premier real estate developments. In New York, the private residences at 400 Fifth Avenue (www.400fifthavenue.com) feature the brand’s leather sofas and chairs, lacquer furniture, rugs, and chandeliers in the development’s 3,590-square-foot penthouse, which is priced at about $18 million fully furnished. The 9,500-square-foot model residence for the Mansions at Acqualina in Miami incorporates furnishings from Fendi Casa in bold prints and materials such as fox and zibeline. And Acqualina’s two-story penthouse, Palazzo d’Oro, which is priced at $55 million, will feature custom Fendi Casa furnishings, as well as Fendi Casa kitchen and closet designs, upon its completion in early 2015. Prospective buyers at Oil Nut Bay, a real estate development in the British Virgin Islands, can stay in the 1,334-square foot penthouse suite ($2,500 to $2,925 per night), which Fendi Casa has cast in a neutral palette of creams and beiges, with overstuffed sofas and outdoor furnishings that encourage lounging.

Fendi Casa, www.fendi.com/en/fendi-casa

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