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This Boldly Colorful Ibiza Home Was Inspired by a Single Work of Art

Interior designer Natalia Miyar shares how to marry comfort and style--and avoid a sterile white box.

Natalia Miyar Ana Lui

Sometimes, when designing a home, the art comes first. One couple found that to be true when mapping out the main area of their Ibiza vacation residence, which took its inspiration from Rendezvous with a flare by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. “They fell in love with it specifically for that room and for that place,” says interior designer Natalia Miyar, who worked with them on the project. “It’s really wonderful because even though some of the mirror has different colors in it, it obviously takes on the colors of what it reflects.” Miyar incorporated some of these bright hues into the furniture as well, upholstering the sofa in a rich, rust-colored shade and incorporating lighter blues in the carpet and the pillows.

In a home like this, indoor and outdoor appeal matter. Too much furniture and décor and it’s hard to appreciate the stunning setting; too little and it feels like a sterile white box. “People love these open-plan spaces but they’re tricky,” says Miyar. “You want to have a room that feels inviting, where you’re not giving your back to it when you have a great view.” The C-shaped sofa, for example, is designed so that the owners can look onto the great outdoors no matter where they’re sitting.

Ibiza House

Anoter view of the great room.  Ana Lui

Miyar paired this piece with a few more classic furnishings. One of the owners had a Brazilian background, so she sourced some midcentury armchairs from Brazil that complement the room’s brighter colors. The palette itself was inspired by the environment, incorporating the sorts of blues and greens that are characteristic of Ibiza. “I always like to draw on the context of the place where I’m designing in the color palette,” she says. “Using something that feels local to the place… that just feels natural.”

Another standout moment in the home is the dining room table, which is custom. Its lacquered ochre base gives a bit of visual interest that tables so often lack, as it’s usually just the top that gets the most attention. The chandelier in the great room is another bespoke piece. Miyar designed it so that it wouldn’t have an obvious natural center, making the room feel even lighter and more spacious.

Ibiza House

The dining room.  Ana Lui

Downstairs the bold color palette continues, but the star of the show is far and away the wallpaper. The poppy finish is a collaboration between Miyar and silk wallcovering manufacturer Fromental. It’s inspired by her Cuban heritage, and gives the room a sense of playfulness, one that persists throughout the Ibiza digs. “It’s not a pretentious house,” she says. “It’s for cosmopolitan owners who live effortlessly between comfort and style.”

Check out the rest of the home below:

Ibiza Home

The kitchen.  Ana Lui

Ibiza House

The downstairs lounge.  Ana Lui

Ibiza House

One of the bedrooms.  Ana Lui

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