Inventive Seating

With the creative input from some of the world’s most of-the-moment designers, Moroso continues to introduce fascinatingly innovative, truly global furniture. Perhaps no collection expresses the company’s unique approach better than M’Afrique, a line initiated by Dutch designer Tord Boontje and Patrizia Moroso after they came across furniture at an art fair in Dakar that was woven by Senegalese craftsmen using surplus nylon yarn from the fishing industry. Among the early designs, introduced in the U.S. last year, was Shadowy, by Boontje, a high-back chair that curved inward like a cobra head at the top. Since then, international designers—including Spaniard Patricia Urquiola and the New York–based French team of Birsel + Seck—have added their own designs. The latest, not even priced yet, is the sofa by Dominique Petot. Like the other designs, it exhibits the collection’s characteristic vibrant colorations and dramatically flanged backs. Pieces run from about $1,000 to $4,500. The preternaturally talented Urquiola also introduced her own line, Silver Lake, at the spring fair in Milan. Chunky and angular, yet eminently comfortable, it looks like the love child of a ménage between Prouvé, Russian Cubist, and Adirondack furniture (about $6,250–$14,300). All designs are available through Moroso. (212.334.7222, www.moroso.it)

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