The Etcetera, Everyone’s Favorite ’70s Lounge Chair, Is Coming Back

The Swedish designer dreamt up the chair while he was a student in the early '70s.


There’s no reason why furniture can’t be both stylish and fun. That’s what drove Jan Ekselius to design Etcetera chair during the early ’70s. And now, thanks to Artilleriet, a whole new generation of design lovers will get to enjoy the outlandish lounge chair.

The Swedish furniture store has teamed up with Ekselius to bring the design classic back into production. Drawing on the knowledge of craftsmen from J.O. Carlsson and Forsbergs in Småland, the company has launched an entire Etcetera series—consisting of the famous lounge chair, easy chair and matching footstool.

While there has been plenty of playful of whimsical furniture over the years, few items can compete with the Etcetera. Dreamt up by Ekselius in his twenties while he was a student at the Royal College of Art in London, the lounge chair’s wavy silhouette quickly achieved iconic status. Since debuting five decades ago, the chair has been displayed at Christie’s in London and Bukowskis in Stockholm. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Etcetera is its simplicity. Whether it be the lounge chair, easy chair or stool, the piece little more than bent steel covered in padded fabric.

“50 years ago, I could never have had imagined that Etcetera would be this desired today,” Ekselius said.

The Etcetera armchair

The Etcetera armchair  Artilleriet

Of course, if it weren’t well constructed and comfortable to sit on the chair would have never attained the reputation it has over the proceeding five decades. That’s why Artelleriet turned to J.O. Carlsson and Forsbergs to carefully replicate the original production process down to the most minute detail. Additionally, the new versions are feature sustainable cotton velour and adjustable Pullmaflex. Whichever version of the Etcetera you get, you’ll be able to choose from a number of vibrant colors, including Klein Blue, Sand Beige and Amber.

The entire Etcetera series is available through Artilleriet’s website now, and you can choose from a number of vibrant colors, including Klein Blue, Sand Beige and Amber. The lounge chair version sells for 22600 SEK (about $2,400), the easy chair for 21800 SEK ($2,310) and the stool for 7400 SEK ($785). Delivery is expected to take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks.

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