Juan Pablo Molyneux

Signature: “My interiors have a neoclassical basis, but with a contemporary relation. Even when I do contemporary environments, they are rich in texture and material, and they have some historic foundation.” Molyneux has an incredible eye for grand details, often mixing exquisite boiserie, marquetry work, intarsia, and other luxurious elements into his interiors. He also has a wonderful sense of formality and old-world decorum where it is called for.

Sphere of Work: Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Russia

Fields: Residential, hotel/restaurant, yachts/jets, diplomatic buildings, cruise ships, and, for clients only, furniture, carpets, china, textiles

Clients: The royal family of Qatar, several of Russia’s government ministers, actors and actresses, and families of prominent international jewelry empires, among others

Current Notable Projects: “An approximately 150,000-square-foot manoir in northwest Quebec on a property almost as big as Belgium that is inspired by the Kuskovo Palace,” plus a couple of yachts on the boards

Books: Molyneux: The Interior Design of Juan Pablo Molyneux

(212.628.0097, www.molyneuxstudio.com)

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