Kimberly McDonald’s Bejeweled Home

The jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, known for her imaginative use of geodes set with diamonds and gemstones, is using the same colorful and intriguing rocks in a new collection of home accessories. The Kimberly McDonald Home collection (from $185 for a paperweight to over $20,000 for a set of lamps) also includes stylish vintage pieces such as sterling-silver Art Deco cocktail shakers that the designer has adorned with her signature geodes or crystals.

The collection employs the geodes in inventive ways, such as immersing them in resin trays and accessories so they are magnified and sparkling within the piece. “I believe the jewelry collection possesses a certain intangible energy that makes people feel good,” says the Hollywood-based designer. “I figured why not incorporate that energy into your daily surroundings by using the same materials and approach to design as I do with my fine-jewelry collection.” Other items include cutlery and serving pieces with geodes cleverly integrated into the silver handles.

McDonald has amassed thousands of geodes from dealers around the world, and most of her jewelry and home designs are made in the United States, and some are produced in Mexico. The home accessories were unveiled at Bergdorf Goodman, New York; Forty Five Ten, Dallas; and the designer’s first freestanding store, which opened in November in Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood.

As with the jewelry, McDonald will work with clients to create custom home accessories. For instance, she just completed a pair of custom table lamps made with large, rough slices of quartz. “My philosophy,” she says, “is that if a client can think of something they want or need, we can make it happen.” (310.854.0890, www.kimberlymcdonald.com)

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