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It takes about 72 hours and four glassmakers to produce each Lady of the Stars Whiskey decanter...

Barware: Lady of the Stars Whiskey Decanter

Glassmaking was a major economic engine in the Black Forest in the 15th and 16th centuries, but by 2010, when the then 25-year-old Saro Zeville happened upon the last active glasshouse in the German town of Wolfach, the industry was moribund. His Lady of the Stars whiskey decanter (and matching glass) and his Wolfach-based brand Zeville—he acquired part of that glassmaking factory—represent a rebirth through innovation. They shatter the old-fashioned image of heavily cut glass, proving that old-world artisanship can yield something sexy, sophisticated, and consummately modern.  

  • It takes about 72 hours and four glassmakers to produce each decanter.

  • Crystal mixed with molten diamonds reportedly creates the design’s brilliant sheen and extraordinary depth of color. 

  • The Swiss-made polished stopper contains 150 grams of silver, but custom stoppers with rubies or other gems are also possible.

Zeville, zevillecrystal.com (decanter, $7,100; glass, $760)


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