Limited Edition Furniture Incorporates Semi-Precious Stones

Designer Samuel Amoia's collection will be exclusively at The DeLorenzo Gallery, New York...

The DeLorenzo Gallery, New York, is presenting a limited-edition collection of furniture by designer Samuel Amoia.  The ten-piece collection, combines hand-crushed minerals and semi-precious stones with traditional casting materials. 

“The series came about summer 2015 when I began working with DeLorenzo Gallery Director Adriana Friedman and Anthony DeLorenzo,” Amoia says. “DeLorenzo represents the greatest designers and exhibits timeless works of the 20th century. The idea was to create unique pieces that were distinctive, innovative and could eventually be a part of major collections, enduring the test of time.”

Marked by clean lines and geometric proportions, the new work presents textural flair for which Amoia’s work is renowned. In addition, the collection explores themes of delicacy and lightness of weight. In contrast with Amoia’s previous work characterized by masculine and bold forms with strong geometry, Amoia’s collection for DeLorenzo explores softer and more feminine forms with jewel-like tones.

Semi-precious stones used throughout the collection include malachite, lapis lazuli, pyrite, black tourmaline and red jasper sourced from India, Brazil, Mexico and Congo. Additionally, Amoia used brass, aluminum, and nickel shavings, as well as Italian white onyx. Exclusively at the DeLorenzo Gallery (delorenzogallery.com), limited to a series of nine per stone. 

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