The Lost Books

After being out of print for almost four decades, the Zervos Picasso Catalogue—the authoritative reference on Pablo Picasso’s life work—will be available exclusively through Sotheby’s starting in December. Known as the Zervos, the 33 volumes contain more than 16,000 paintings and drawings and are the product of a lifelong collaboration between Picasso and Christian Zervos, the founder of Cahiers d’Art, the French publishing house that printed the first volume of the series in 1932. For the new release, Cahiers d’Art will incorporate corrections from the Picasso Administration and will translate the complete set into English—a first for the rare series. (A separate French version also will be available.) The revival of the Zervos is at the hands of Swedish-born art collector Staffan Ahrenberg, who acquired Cahiers d’Art’s publishing house, gallery, journal, and the rights to all its publications two years ago. Preordering begins in November, at $15,000 for the complete collection ($20,000 after December).

Cahiers d’Art, +33.1.4548.7673, www.cahiersdart.fr

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