Metaxas & Sins Premieres Diva Chaise

Ever since another Australian Artist-Designer broke world records at a recent Sothebys Auction, there has been renewed interest in what could be possible with the “dusty” chaise using today’s technology.

The Diva is a contemporary chaise from the mind of Kostas Metaxas that is part sculpture and all comfort using a combination of 3-D and body-mapping technology. It is at home in a contemporary setting, or on display in a museum.

Two different shapes are offered — his and hers — and two different textures as well. The Helix texture can be cast from aluminum, titanium or even acrylic, and this is the first time ever that such a pattern has been attempted with such a sensual shape. The Solid chaise can be machined from panelled or solid wood, cast in metal (bronze, aluminium, titanium, steel) or acrylic, or even glass.

For more information, contact Kostas Metaxas at metaxas@metaxas.com or visit exero.com/consulting.

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