MGS Debuts Stunning Kitchen Faucet in Onyx Stainless Steel

LOS ANGELES – Since 1997, MGS of Milano, Italy, has produced plumbing fixtures to unmatched quality and artistry in metal, setting a new industry standard by constructing true stainless steel faucets for residential use and crafting each part using the finest machining processes. MGS is proud to introduce their new Onyx stainless steel PVD finish available for the Vela LD faucet. This option comes in addition to brushed or polished true stainless steel offerings.

Unlike competitors who might use a powder coating to achieve a black option, MGS uses an extremely resistant finish that penetrates the metal and creates a smooth aesthetic with pure shine. The entire MGS kitchen collection is inspired from the needs of professional chefs, bringing flexibility and durability to the home kitchen with exceptional design and construction. Every fixture is architectural, reliable and unique with ultra-smooth operation.

MGS takes architecture, product design and refinement to a level of perfection, manufacturing every fixture with a sense of purpose, form and function. Each piece in the MGS kitchen collection is hand finished before assembly so that no joint or edge of the fixture is ignored. Most designs are available in either brushed or polished stainless steel with select designs offering Onyx stainless steel. This also means that a fixture can be customized with split finishes – an option rarely seen in stainless steel.

Solid stainless steel also offers the benefits of being non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-porous – with the added benefit of easy cleaning without using harsh chemicals. These great advantages make MGS the ultimate choice in kitchen faucets. No matter what decorative style the kitchen is, MGS will fit seamlessly in any kitchen.

Here we present a taste of MGS’s most exceptional kitchen collections:

Vela LD

An iconic design from MGS, the Vela LD series is inspired by commercial “pull down” style kitchen faucets, offering the same experience for home chefs. The handheld spray features a highly functional spring neck for maximum flexibility and reach with a support arm to hold the spout in place. In addition, the hand-spray features a dual spray option of shower or aerated stream. The Vela LD collection is also offered in Onyx stainless steel obtained through PVD treatment: an extremely resistant finish that penetrates the metal. No visible set screws allow you to install the handle in the front, on the right or on the left – making it the ideal choice for an island.

Vela D

One of MGS’s newest Vela product designs, Vela D features a single lever mixer with a substantial base and is equipped with an integrated sleek dual hand-spray offering a minimalist design. Nesting in place with precision and purpose, the pullout hand-spray is literally an extension of the graceful arc spout with flow patterns that can be easily switched from aerated to shower stream with a unique slide button. A special Vela D Limited Edition series is also offered in a split finish of brushed and polished stainless steel.

Vela PD

The Vela PD professional series features a pivoting, long, arc-shaped 11 inch reach hand-spray spout, making it the perfect choice for larger chefs’ kitchen sinks. The curved spout is also mimicked subtly in the slightly curved handle, offering a modern, unique touch to the standout design. The Vela PD pull-out hand-spray offers an aerated or shower stream managed by spout-mounted control buttons. In addition, the Vela D is also available with a nine inch arc spout.

Spin D and Spin D K (Knurled Ring option)

Slender, minimalist and understated, the Spin D faucet is sleek yet powerful. Its base features a narrow handle equipped with an easy to operate water lever on the right, with hot water accessed by pushing it back and cold water by pulling it forward. For the “hot” setting, the lever only goes back 17 degrees, allowing it to install in tight configurations. Spin D also offers choices of smooth or machine knurled ring (Spin D K) accent details on the mixing valve and a dual spray faucet with an extendable pull-out spout and stainless steel slide button to easily switch from aerated stream to shower stream.


The F2 SP MGS faucet is the definition of simplicity in a two or three-hole mounted design with a single lever valve that controls water volume and temperature in one hole and the spout in another. The contemporary design features a dramatic, slender spout and a substantial stainless steel handheld side spray (in the third hole) that can be installed on either side of the valve and spout configuration.

To learn more about MGS’s exceptional kitchen faucet collection, contact Mariakay Chakos at mariakay@drsandassociates.com.

About MGS

MGS stainless steel fixtures merge Italian style and sophisticated design with the accuracy and attention to detail of Swiss engineering, precision manufacturing and uncompromising standards. Creating architectural plumbing fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors, MGS represents the perfect harmony of aesthetics and technology. Since 1997, MGS has been one of the premier stainless steel fitting manufacturers in the kitchen and bath industry, as well as one of the few manufacturers to offer true stainless steel fittings in the world. MGS was founded near Lake Maggiore, a well developed industrial area in Northern Italy at the foot of the Alps that specializes in the production of high-end architectural products (including faucets) and, more importantly, in the stainless steel industry. While most competitors use brass, MGS uses non-toxic and naturally hygienic solid stainless steel. Furthermore, every element used to construct all fittings and accessories is hand finished prior to assembly, making each faucet durable and beautiful, with clean finished edges. Although this technique is more difficult and costly, MGS has dedicated their brand DNA to the pursuit of this practice. This design aesthetic and attention to detail resonates with discerning consumers and architects who appreciate the difference and uniqueness of pure design and functionality.

With the North American corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, all MGS products are available through a network of dealers located throughout the United States and Canada. To learn more about MGS, go to www.mgstaps.com.

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