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This Mirror Turns Your Wall into a Home Gym Instructor

Get hundreds of workouts and personalized fitness feedback from a high-tech full-body mirror.

In today’s Instagram-fueled world, the cultural cachet that comes from snapping that pic on your way into Equinox or posting your flawlessly executed Warrior II (preferably with the dramatic tropical backdrop of your latest yoga retreat on full display) is undeniable. But that doesn’t mean that the humble home gym is being neglected. Companies like Peloton and Technogym are having a lot of success transforming homes into high-tech and luxury workout spaces. And designers like Momoko Higashifushimi, whose Athletic X Luxury manages to make dumbbells look chic, are proving high design and home fitness can be a perfect match.

Now, Mirror is upping the ante, blending a sleek, barely there design with cutting-edge fitness technology. On first glance, Mirror looks exactly like what its name suggests: It’s a simple body-length mirror that can be mounted on a wall or integrated into a sleek stand of your choice. And when it’s turned off, it’s exactly that—a mirror.

But in reality, Mirror is far more than a simple reflective surface in which to give your tie one last check on your way out the door. Instead, it’s a fully-fledged—though practically invisible—interactive home gym. Developed by Brynn Putnam, an ex-ballerina and founder of the acclaimed Refine Method fitness studios, Mirror ($1,495 plus a monthly membership fee of $39) serves as part workout video, part personal trainer, and part all-in-one fitness tracker.

That reflective surface hides an LCD panel that, once you are ready to sweat, comes to life, giving you access to hundreds of on-demand fitness classes (at least 50 new workouts are added each week) ranging from Pilates to boxing. The screen displays your selected class, while a camera (don’t worry, it comes with a lens cap to ensure privacy once you’ve gotten in your daily burn) tracks your movements and performance to provide automated feedback in real time.

Mirror also works with a larger universe of connected devices. You can input your fitness goals using the companion app on your phone or tablet, for example, and syncing Mirror to your Apple Watch or Bluetooth heart rate monitor allows the system to measure your biometrics. That, in turn, provides even more refined pointers and encouragement (yes, the virtual instructors will even cheer you on by name—no slacking allowed).

Once you’re done, you are (of course) encouraged to snap a mirror selfie to upload and share with other users on the device’s social media platform. This is 2018 after all, and it looks like the future of fitness has arrived.

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