More Cooks in the Kitchen

SieMatic, maker of bespoke luxury kitchens since 1929, opened its first showroom in the Northeast in downtown Boston in early September. The luxurious space, one block from Boston Common, presents six custom-designed kitchens including models of its new Beaux Arts collection. Inspired by 19th-century New York and Chicago Beaux Arts-style architecture, the new designs mix traditional and contemporary elements and can be customized to incorporate homeowners’ most beloved items, new or old. Among its special commissions was outfitting the exterior of a refrigerator with unique wood from the West African Afara tree to give the appearance of an antique Chinese wedding cabinet. Another client requested that an heirloom chandelier be positioned over the kitchen island, and SieMatic also created a 10-foot-wide stainless-steel hood and oversized range for a large family. Custom designs start at about $40,000 and include installation. (www.siematic.com)

—Alexandra Foster 

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