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Nest Casa Spotlights Arca and the Art of Horn

Nest Casa is honored to bring to its clients and the design industry some of the most exciting designers and their pieces that have chosen Nest as an exclusive showroom. The Spotlight on Nest Designers Series will go behind the scenes of some of the legendary designers and their works that command center stage at Nest’s Miami Design District Showroom. The next entry spotlights the exquisite Arca.

Reserved for only a select few design showrooms in the world, Arca is Nest’s most exclusive collection. Nest Casa is the only showroom currently that showcases and distributes Arca in the U.S.

When you acquire an Arca piece from Nest, you’ve attained an instant heirloom. The moment it leaves Nest’s showroom and takes its rightful place in your home, Arca is beauty on display. With its timeless design, a room can change, but an Arca piece remains a constant, says Sara Colombo, Proprietor of the Nest Casa brand. “There are many fascinating and fabulous design houses that I select to be part of the exclusive designers’ collection at Nest. But one of the most exquisite is Arca.”

Nest has recently added some beautiful new accessories and furniture from Arca, just released from the Italian manufacturer, to join the already existing line of the Italian house that has been part of the Nest collection since the store’s inception in 2008. Arca is always a buyer’s favorite, whether it is an interior designer looking to create that one of a kind image for a client, or a shopper who wants to present the perfect hostess gift.

Arca pieces are signature and spectacular in their purist design. Fifty years ago, Mario Guerra and his wife, Ebe, set up their business in the town of Recanati, near Ancona, Italy. Today, in this beautiful setting, their business is thriving.

What is so exceptional about Arca’s elegant pieces of small furniture, accessories, lamps, and mirrors is the craftsman’s fascination with a natural product that appears in every work. Arca uses buffalo horn in its home furniture and accessories, joining it with chrome, ebony or sterling silver. “Why I’m drawn to Arca pieces is that they don’t create works that are cookie-cutter stamped out on a production line, but treat each piece like a work of art. A visit to their production facility is more like walking into an artists’ studio,” says Colombo.

The workshop houses approximately 20 craftsmen, using techniques that are centuries old, and the horn is worked over open fires, each piece passes through at least 12 hands before it is finished. It is a truly remarkable experience to witness the products coming to life. Each piece is unique. Just like fingerprints, no two horns are alike.  And, this rarely used natural product is regarded as ecologically sound. Arca works the Buffalo horn, a renewable raw material, in such a way that no poisonous substances are produced. The environmentally friendly waste is even used as a fertilizer for farming!

The range includes handcraftsmanship from Italy like no other. The extensive collection includes everything from caviar bowls, utensils, vases, and trinket boxes to couches, tables, armchairs, bookcases and lamps.

The furniture is in the Miami Design District Showroom, while some new Arca accessories the manufacturer has just introduced are featured in the just opened Nest boutique in the Bal Harbour Shops.

For the home furnishings, Arca chooses the most precious leathers. To complement the horn in its accessories, only the finest materials are selected, whether it is ebony, silver, or lacquer, and everything is always sourced from companies with like minded craftsmen, who are also the best in their fields.

Arca shows its unquestionable majesty even in the smallest objects. The artisans’ hands mold and carve the materials, giving birth to jewel boxes, branched candlesticks, frames, bowls, champagne crates, and exquisite cutlery which, with the uniqueness of the horn, evoke worlds and atmospheres.

Arca lives in the moment where fine craftsmanship is a gift with an expression of essential beauty that speaks volumes.

Visit Nest on the web at http://www.nestcasa.com or in person at the Miami Design District flagship showroom or the new home accessories and gift boutique at the Bal Harbour Shops, or call 877-661-0417. 

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