Park Avenue Polish from Interior Designer Michael S. Smith and Kallista

The latest faucet from a luxury bath company gets nostalgic.

New faucet by Michael S. Smith for Kallista Photo: Courtesy Kallista

Even die-hard modernists get a little weak in the knees when it comes to the haute monde stylings of 1930s New York. From grand lobbies with marble entrances to formal dining rooms with service for 14, the best addresses of the day weren’t shy about showcasing the good life. Acclaimed designer Michael S. Smith, who rose to national prominence following his invitation by Former First Lady Michelle Obama to design and restore the White House, translated the era’s posh underpinnings in a new faucet for Kallista.

One of four collections Smith has design for the brand, the For Town series debuted in 2000 and remains one of the company’s most enduring collections (not to mention one that the designer has in his own home). The new Widespread sink faucet (starting at $1,795) has a faceted neck—an engineering move with aesthetic and functional benefits. While the high, arched neck summons the classic, architectural swing of vintage Manhattan, it also grants more room for the daily business of washing up. With a greater deck-to-aerator design, there is more functional space under the spout, a fact appreciated by anyone who has ever contorted to suffer through the rigors of a poorly laid out bathroom.

New faucet by Michael S. Smith for Kallista

The new Widespread faucet designed by Michael S. Smith for Kallista is available in three finishes.  Photo: Courtesy Kallista

Smith’s For Town collection for Kallista features an extensive range of fixtures, fittings, trims, accessories, mirrors, and special designs—each fashioned with nostalgic, leading man good looks. The Widespread faucet is available in polished chrome, nickel silver, and brushed nickel.


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