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Former women’s-wear designer José Ramón Reyes has been specializing in closet organization and personal shopping since he founded his company, the Custom Project, in 2012. Recently the New York– based consultant has partnered with the New York design firm Nastasi Vail, which specializes in cabinetry, to move into closet design. By adding closet design to his repertoire—everything from specifying user-friendly closet layouts and custom racks and drawers to choosing the right hangers—Reyes is able to further simplify the wardrobe and styling process for his clients.

Reyes typically begins by editing a client’s wardrobe, organizing the closet’s contents into meaningful sections, and adding new pieces to create a well-rounded wardrobe. What sets Reyes apart from many other stylists are his two digital tools for smart phones and tablets. The Shopping Report, a suggested shopping guide, recommends certain pieces for the upcoming season, while the Look Book tool allows clients to view prestyled outfits and inventory from their wardrobes no matter where they are. Moreover, Reyes works internationally, which means he can be almost anywhere: sourcing items from Tokyo’s newest boutiques, perhaps, or meeting a client on his private yacht in the the Caribbean to hand-deliver a last-minute vacation wardrobe. His fashion design background has given him an eye for tailoring, and he can make last-minute alterations on the spot.

The Custom Project, 212.260.7874, www.thecustomproject.com

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