Nine Ways to Cook With Ilve

One of the many advantages of purchasing an ILVE range is the optional accessories exclusive to the ILVE brand. These accessories are made to fit perfectly on ILVE ranges and cooktops, and provide the added benefit of nine unique ways to cook. Just like all ILVE products, these features and accessories will add beauty, style and performance to any kitchen.

Included Features

Oblong Burner

Also known as a fish burner, this long grated burner evenly heats long pots and pans, such as fish poachers or stockpots. Additionally, it is the longest oblong burner available on the market today. When customizing their ILVE range, consumers can opt to have this style burner integrated on most cooktop configurations.

Simmer Plate

Now included with every ILVE range, the simmer plate converts any of the burners to a lower level BTU.  A low simmer setting can be achieved when the plate is used in conjunction with the inner flame of the dual triple ring burner, which is perfect for cooking impressive soups, sauces and melting chocolate.

Stainless Steel Griddle

With options for both full size and half size griddles, consumers can cook anything from eggs to burgers on this stainless steel griddle top. Unlike other brands, the ILVE griddle is completely removable and can be replaced with the included grates, so consumers never lose a burner.

Wok Ring

The wok ring can be placed directly over the grate to distribute the burner heat evenly across the bottom surface of a wok. This is the perfect option for stir-frying, as the heat will hit all of the ingredients inside of a wok for a perfectly prepared dish. One wok ring is included with every ILVE range or cooktop, and additional can be purchased at a UMRP of $59.

Additional Accessories

Barbeque Grill

The grill top is ideal for steaks and chicken, and allows for juicy grilled food all year long.  UMRP $599

Griddle Top Dome

This dome sits on top of the griddle to prevent grease splatters when cooking foods such as burgers or peppers and onions, while also holding in the moisture to result in a juicy and flavorful meal. UMRP Large: $199 Small: $179

Bain Marie Warming Basin

Composed of three separate compartments, or one single compartment, with lids. The basin can be used for heating and simmering foods. When placed in the ILVE warming drawer, food is kept at a ready to eat temperature until it is time to be served. Additionally, the Bain Marie Basin can be used as a warm buffet for serving when placed on top of the griddle top.  UMRP $309

Steam Basin

This steamer sits easily on top of the griddle. The basin gets filled with water, and two compartments with two separate lids sit on top to steam cook foods such as vegetables or shellfish.  UMRP Steam Cooker: $399 Single Basin: $309

Steak Pans

The cast iron steak pan is available in, ribbed or flat, small and large sizes. This heavy-duty steak pan is suitable for cooking all sized chops. UMRP Small: $159 Large $169

Extra optional accessories include a chopping board, stainless steel backsplash, a backsplash warming shelf, wrap around toe kick and a French top. Additionally, a full sized warming drawer and rotisserie(s) both come standard in most ILVE ranges. ILVE’s Nine Ways To Cook video can be viewed here.  

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