Not Just Any Rose

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the Ultimate Rose is offering a bouquet of 6-foot-tall roses that are a true novelty. Standing taller than most adults, a dozen roses are $239.

Aside from the head-turning 6-foot roses, the Ultimate Rose, based in Melbourne, Fla., is offering a limited-edition Mother’s Day bouquet, which comprises a dozen 3-foot roses in white, pink, yellow, and peach ($129). The colossal roses, grown on a 100-acre farm of greenhouses atop the Andes Mountains, take about four months to reach their full size, and they bloom to the size of a plump orange, more than twice the size of a standard rose.

The company also offers standard-sized, stem-dyed roses, in which even the tiniest, innermost petals are each a different color (from $69 for a dozen, or from $129 for two dozen); as well as the Extravaganza, a two-dozen bouquet of 6-foot roses in a 34-inch-tall vase ($695). They ship overnight to anywhere in the United States— perfect for the last-minute shopper. (800.986.2918, www.theultimaterose.com)

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