Open-and-Shut Case

A modern armoire from the 14-year-old design firm Hierve may command more attention than the clothing housed within it. The Ropero (Spanish for “wardrobe”) comprises customizable interior modules surrounded by solid wood frames fitted with glass or mirrors and tube lighting. The modules are designed to fit everything from shoes, purses, and hanging clothes to jewelry, cigars, and books, and the units also can be mixed and matched in numerous layouts to accommodate individual wardrobe needs. The outer frames can be built from any type of wood, and the interior modules can be painted in a wide variety of colors, whether eye-catching and electric, like the version shown here, or more subdued. Pricing starts at about $2,600 for a hanging module with a tall frame base.

Hierve, +52.55.526.42890, +44.75.451.42879, www.en.hierve.com

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