Out of Sites: Friend and Faux

Each winter, a group of visitors passes through the area near the homeowners’ retreat: orange-and-black-winged monarch butterflies, which migrate some 2,000 miles to hibernate at the region’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The couple might even see the creatures in the forested environs of their home’s 1.6-acre artificial lake, which is visible from the main house and was formed by damming a stream. “Of course it’s partly aesthetic, but here we have the rainy and the dry season, which is six months dry and six months wet,” says Legorreta. “So it is also a reservoir for irrigation.” On the shore sit three of Juan Soriano’s bird sculptures. A sunken tennis court, a paddle tennis court, a heliport, and a labyrinth of podocarpus hedges displaying carved clay chess pieces by the artist Adán Paredes appear elsewhere on the grounds, which, despite being discrete sites at the outset, form a cohesive setting for this unique hideaway.

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