Out of Sites: Stable Condition

Another artfully constructed stone wall marks the front edge of the property. After passing through the stone wall’s opening, visitors follow the cobblestone road, which leads to a greeting area with a fountain. There, a series of pathways connect to each of the estate’s five structures. The paths wind through manicured gardens, which, Legorreta says, invite you to “walk around the property as you live there.” Like the property’s entry wall, the 4,800-square-foot stone stable appears centuries old: “We know some very good local stoneworkers,” he says. In addition to seven stalls, the rectangular structure contains an office, a pond for bathing the horses, and a covered terrace with lounge seating. The terrace shown here features a custom pine block table with two parota armchairs, an acrylic-upholstered teak sofa, and a three-legged midcentury wood coffee table. The perforated copper pendant lamps are custom.



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