Out of Sites: A Stone’s Show

Just off the main residence’s master bathroom sits a private terrace with a Jacuzzi and two leather 1966 Collection contour chaise longues by Richard Schultz that encourage sunbathing. The intimate space, which the homeowners access through sliding glass doors, is enclosed by handsome stone walls. “We found the sandstone tiles in an old hacienda,” says Legorreta, referring to the terrace’s complementary flooring. “It’s already aged, and kind of irregular.” The juxtaposition of stone and tile continues in the main residence’s 1,200-square-foot courtyard, where a series of long rectangular sculptures by Jorge Yázpik emerge from a reflecting pool like saplings newly springing from the earth. At night, the sculptures—made from reclaimed railroad ties and black volcanic stone—and the entire space are lit dramatically, thanks to a halogen lamp that floats on the water. “Art,” Legorreta says, “became an important theme” of the home.



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