Outward Spiral

Glass tile is a current trend in home decor that has become increasingly popular over the last five years, according to Soli, a manufacturer and distributor of decorative tile and stone. Beginning this month, to accommodate the growing demand, Soli has become the exclusive dealer of Murano glass tiles from LogicSun, an Italy-based glass manufacturer that uses traditional techniques dating to the 12th century in order to produce its intricate, spiral designs. The glass tiles, which range from $285 to $550 apiece, take about six weeks to produce, and one tile can feature up to six customizable colors in sizes up to almost 19 square inches. Unlike most glass tiles, these vivid designs are tempered and fire resistant, making them ideal even for areas exposed to heat, including fireplace surrounds and exterior surfaces. The tiles are also semitranslucent, and Soli recommends backlighting them for a striking shower or kitchen backsplash.

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